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Blackbear Lyrics

If you find mistakes, tell me ASAP so I can correct them. Disclaimer: I do not own the lyrics to any of these songs. No parental advisory, if you motherfuckers are on this page in the first place, you should know what you’re getting yourself into.

Sex The Mixtape

Click here to download Sex and you can also buy a hard copy at the Blackbear Boutique.

Track One - No More Mister Nice Guy ft. Lil Richid

Track Two - You’re Gonna Love Me

Track Three - All My Lovin’

Track Four - Cars, Clothes, Calories ft. Tyler Carter

Track Five - Running Forever

Track Six - Marilyn Monroe ft. T. Mills

Track Seven - City Of Dreams

Track Eight - Go Go Gadget Feeling ft. Nylo

Track Nine - Money ft. J.u.s.t.i.c.e. League

Track Ten - Sail Away

Track Eleven - Blame Them ft. James Blake

Track Twelve - Nothin But The Radio 

Track Thirteen - What It Is ft. Bei Maejor & Mike Posner

Track Fourteen - Nevada

Track Fifteen - Anyone But Me ft. Mike Posner

Track Sixteen - Answering Machine

Track Seventeen - Stone Cold Steve Austin ft. MOD SUN

Track Eighteen - End Up featuring Mindy White

Track Nineteen - Madeline

Track Twenty - Irresponsibility

Track Twenty One - Cold Coffee ft. Matthew Thiessen of Relient  K

Track Twenty Two - That’s Right ft. Lil Richid

Foreplay - EP

Support Blackbear and buy Foreplay - EP on iTunes here.

Track One - Teenage Waste

Track Two - Role Model

Track Three - Brokenhearted

Track Four - Addiction

Gone For Good

 Click to download Gone For Good here.

Track One - Same Situation

Track Two - Face To Face

Track Three - Gone For Good 

Track Four - Free Fall

Track Five - Sexy Girls

Track Six - Different Names SWAG

Year Of The Blackbear

Support Mat Musto and buy Year Of The Blackbear on iTunes here or click to download

Track One - 50 Years

Track Two - Maria

Track Three - September

Track Four - Next Room

Track Five - Learning To Fly


Click here to download Exposure.

Track One - Vampires

Track Two - Weather In Heaven

Track Three - Love Arcade

Track Four - 1995, if you have the lyrics to this song, please submit them.

Track Five - Maria

Track Six - Impossible to Love

Track Seven - On The Line

Track Eight - Summertime

Track Nine - War

Track Ten - Same Stars

Track Eleven - Songs About You

Track Twelve - 50 Years

Track Thirteen - She

Track Fourteen - Walk Alone


Click here to download Contrast.

Track One - She

Track Two - Homewrecker

Track Three - September

Track Four - Heart Attack

Track Five - 100 (The Rain)


Click here to download Brightness.

Track One - Birthday Party

Track Two - The Actress and I..

Track Three - I Believe

Track Four - A Girl Filled With Demons

Track Five - Euthanasia

Singles/Other Tracks

Material Girl

Douche Bag

I Hate The Holidays featuring Tyler Carter

All Fall Down

Secret Valentine

End Of The Road featuring Machine Gun Kelly

Born This Way (Lady Gaga cover)

Marauder Music featuring Mike Posner

Stay Schemin featuring Mike Posner (Rick Ross featuring Drake cover)

Over Being Sober featuring Nate Walka, Machine Gun Kelly, and Kyle Lucas

Satellite featuring The Digitals, if you have the lyrics to this song, please submit them.

Dreams, if you have the lyrics to this song, please submit them.

Trill Life


I Hate Myself

Take My Time

Control Freak

Warm Whispers (Missy Higgins cover)